First-time visitors


There’s a first time for everything — and maybe you’re ready to come to church for the first time!

You should know that all are welcome to be a part of North Northfield United Methodist Church. Regardless of your age, gender, political leanings, religious background, sexual orientation, or any other factor, there’s a place for you here.

We regard ourselves as a family, and like other families, our members are all different. But we embrace our differences, and though we might not always agree, we love one another just the same.

We don’t like to brag, but we don’t think there is a friendlier congregation than ours anywhere. While our front doors face Sanders Road, most folks enter through the glass doors off the parking lot at the back.

Because we are small, guests are recognized and greeted warmly. There are folks who will show you where to sit, give you information or sit with you if you like. If you have someone in your family who needs nursery care, our greeters will show you to our clean and beautiful nursery.

Or, if you have someone in your family who is infirm and needs assistance, our ushers will help you operate our elevator that takes you upstairs to the Sanctuary (the main part of the church where services are held).

We also have our own church wheelchair if you are bringing someone who needs it. We also offer large-print hymnals (songbooks) and Bibles.

We want you to be comfortable when you come see us, and above all don’t worry. There is no quiz for how much you know about the Bible, nobody will ask you what you believe about Jesus, and nobody will make you stand and tell your name and where you’re from. No one will judge you on what you’re wearing either. Feel free to wear your “Sunday best,” or jeans and a tee-shirt.

When you come to church, you will be given a bulletin (a handout) that tells you the order of the service. Although our worship is structured, we’re informal and offer a blend of music.

You can be sure that, as many people as you see around you, there are as many ideas about who God is and how God works in the world. We love conversation and questioning as much as we love reading the Bible, singing old and new songs, and enjoying sharing Holy Communion (the taking of bread and wine). We are seeking and we welcome others alongside us in the quest. We are a diverse group, so whoever you are, you’ll fit in.

The worship service lasts about an hour to an hour fifteen minutes. Every week, after the service, we go down to our Fellowship Hall (social hall) where we have coffee and an array of baked goodies and other treats. You’ll also be able to chat and get to know people.

The bottom line is that we were all new here at some point. We all know how it is to be a little nervous and unsure of what to expect. What you can be sure of is that we will be very happy to see you. Our mission is to share our love of Jesus with others. Come be a part of our family.